At the Crossroads with Hugh DeNeal

It’s time for the annual Riverlands Musical Episode! On a snowy evening in February, we had the pleasure of talking with Riverlands singer/songwriter Hugh DeNeal. Hugh is an absolute legend in the Riverlands musical community with a unique style all to himself. Hugh and his legendary southern Illinois band, the Woodbox Gang, have an electric style of bluegrass that has been described as “Insurgent Americana”, though the band preferred the term “Trashcan Americana”. Hugh’s unique storytelling style through his music make him a perfect Riverlands musical guest. Enjoy!

If you’d like to support Hugh, buy some of his music here, here or here. Check out Hugh’s current band, The People vs Hugh DeNeal here. You also support Hugh and other local musicians by going to their shows and enjoying their music live!

Here is the music featured in tonight’s episode:



Born with a Tail

Storm Blowing Slowly

Debtor’s Prison

I’ve Killed Men

Death is Coming

Panther Song

Poor Jesus

Drifter’s Ghost

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