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The Miles Mausoleum The Riverlands

Tucked into a bluff, high above the Mississippi valley in Monroe county, Illinois Miles Mausoleum is full of mystique, extravagance and ultimately, tragedy. Perched on Eagle Cliff, the gleaning white marble building can be seen for miles from the American Bottoms below, which adds to its mystery and cements its place in local legend. It was built by a man seeking fortune and a place in history, like so many who come to the Riverlands.  It’s quite a beautiful place with amazing views and of course–  it’s said to be extremely haunted.  It’s not surprising, the cemetery has seen over a 100 years of destructive vandalism and even an alleged attempt to raise Mr. Miles from the dead by cultists. We hope you enjoy this local legend! Thanks for listening! Our musical guest for this episode is Ella Gibson with her demo "Wrong Generation". Be sure to check Ella out!
  1. The Miles Mausoleum
  2. Our Favorite Strange Tales from the Riverlands
  3. Strange Tales from The Riverlands
  4. Bonus: The Ancient Goodest Girl
  5. Exploring The  Riverbend with Exspiravit Paranormal Society

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Strange Tales from the Riverlands

Spooky season is upon us, so you know what that means: The Riverlands Podcast is kicking off Season 3 with our annual Halloween Show! This episode is packed with stories of high strangeness from every corner of the Riverlands told by the experiencers in their own voices. We hope you enjoy these encounters with the strange and the unknown!

Bonus: The Ancient Goodest Girl

In honor of National Dog Day, we have a bonus episode for you about humanity’s best friend. We hope you enjoy it! For this episode, we found “A middle Archaic Dog Burial in Illinois ” by Fredrick C Hill particularly helpful. If you’d like to check out Center for American Archeology for yourself, you canContinue reading “Bonus: The Ancient Goodest Girl”

Exploring The  Riverbend with Exspiravit Paranormal Society

In our Season 2 finale, we continue our 10 Questions with…Paranormal Investigators series with Exspiravit Paranormal Society from the Quad Cities area of the Riverlands. In this episode, we share tales about the strange places and dark history in the shared region between Iowa and Illinois at the confluence of the Rock River and the Mississippi. Thanks for listening! We will be back in October with more tales of dark history and high strangeness from the Riverlands and more interviews with those who investigate the paranormal in Season 3!